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Committee Descriptions

Program and Events Committee

This committee shall coordinate and plan social events for The Pittsford Chamber of Commerce. The committee shall also coordinate and plan business events; arranging for Board presentations and guest speakers.

This committee additionally coordinates with Communications/Marketing Committee to publicize upcoming events. Works with the Administrator for coordination of events.

Membership Committee

This committee maintains status of membership within The Pittsford Chamber of Commerce and is responsible for retention efforts and outreach. In addition, this committee is responsible for recruitment of new members.

This Committee coordinates with the Administrator to highlight new members and renewing members on the Chamber website and/or email news blasts.

Marketing Communications/IT Committee

This committee gathers news for newsletters to members and develops further social media capabilities for members of The Pittsford Chamber of Commerce.

This committee builds relationships with local media. This committee shall give favorable publicity of the affairs of The Pittsford Chamber of Commerce and shall keep the public advised of the activities of The Pittsford Chamber of Commerce.

Government Representation Committee
This committee shall advise The Pittsford Chamber of Commerce of matters of local governmental and civic interest.

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