Pittsford: A Strong Business History

Pittsford possesses a strong history of commerce that dates back to the thriving commercial activity associated with the Erie Canal. Today, Pittsford is the ideal place for both business activity as well as a tourist destination. With great business locations such as The Village of Pittsford, Northfield Common, Schoen Place, Tobey Plaza, Pittsford Plaza and Linden Oaks, there are a variety of destinations for the most discerning shopper.

Making Pittsford Buzz
Consumers are always looking for excellent products and services, but they are also looking for a unique, quality experience when they shop. In Pittsford, you will find excellent businesses ranging from fashion retail stores, world-class sports and recreation, fine dining, gourmet food stores, fine craft stores, home improvement stores and services, as well as professionals in the financial industries, insurance industry, medical field, and establishments in the senior living industry.

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