Pittsford State Street Canal Bridge Project

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The State Street bridge is planned to be closed to traffic from March-August 2021 for rehabilitation.
Here are a few Q&As you may find helpful.

Q: How long will the bridge be closed to traffic?
A: The Department of State anticipates the bridge will be closed to traffic for up to six months during the 2021 construction season, between March and August. During the closure, local traffic can access nearby canal bridges on Monroe Avenue (Route 31), Main Street (Route 96) and Mitchell Road.

Q: Will Schoen Place be accessible during construction?
A: Schoen Place will remain open during construction and businesses will be accessible. NYDSDOT and the Village of Pittsford are exploring options to best accommodate vehicular and pedestrian traffic throughout the Village during the bridge closure.

Q. Can boats still go under the bridge while it is closed?
A: Yes. Marine traffic during the Canal’s navigation season will not be disrupted during construction.

For more detailed information, please click on the DOT Bridge Rehabilitation Info.

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