LK Travel Group

Tell us a little bit about your business!

At LK Travel Group our mission is to immerse travelers in authentic cultural and natural experiences around the world, while still providing unparalleled luxury and personalized service. We help take the stress out of planning your travel. With an overwhelming amount of information and options out there today, it takes hours of research to book a trip for yourself. Every client is unique in their travel desires, therefore each proposal we design is custom and personalized to you. Let us plan the vacation that you dreamed of and all you need to do is pack your bags!

How did your business start?

LK Travel Group was born from a passion for enriching the lives of fellow travelers. While we adore exploring the world ourselves, our primary mission is to alleviate the burdens of travel planning. Whether you’re navigating a hectic career while juggling family responsibilities or simply feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of choices, we’re here to streamline the process. The spark for LK Travel Group ignited during founder Lindsay Kowalski’s personal journey to Costa Rica, where the inspiration to foster connections through experiential travel took root.

How long has your business been in existence?

LK Travel Group is set to mark its second anniversary this year, commemorating the milestone with significant growth. Over the past year, the company has expanded its team by welcoming new advisors, contributing to its flourishing journey.

What excites you about your business?

Each day brings excitement to LK Travel Group. The thrill of discovering new destinations, forging partnerships, and exploring hotels worldwide keeps the journey captivating. The most gratifying aspect of the job is crafting personalized itineraries that align perfectly with clients’ travel styles, making each trip unique. Engaging with our clients not only about their travel preferences but also their everyday interests fuels our enthusiasm, enabling us to create truly bespoke and curated experiences.

What initiatives or specials are coming up in the near future that you want to advertise?

This year, we’re actively participating in trade conferences and providing destination training for our advisors. This strategic investment is aimed at securing exclusive amenities with our global hotel partners. Whether it’s embarking on a two-week safari in South Africa or enjoying a long weekend in Sedona, we boast a portfolio of thousands of luxury properties worldwide, ensuring our clients receive exclusive perks.

What else do you want to promote for the next week or so?

As we approach our two-year anniversary, be sure to stay tuned for celebratory giveaways on Facebook and Instagram later this year. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting surprises!

Why is the Chamber important to you as a business person in Pittsford?

Collaborating with the Chamber is truly invaluable for LK Travel Group as we prioritize community involvement. The backing of the Pittsford Chamber and the vibrant community it has cultivated reflects their strong commitment to residents and members. We feel privileged to join this exceptional community as members of LK Travel Group.